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Goodbye 2020, and sleep well little garden...

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

As the overnight temperatures begin to fall below freezing followed by crisp, frosty mornings, we can look up to see the gentle cascade of yellow, orange, and red, the quintessential colors of autumnal glory. Fall is my favorite season. It sheds a last gasp of beauty on the garden before a cold winter sets in. It holds many amazing memories for me. I have a vivid recollection of collecting leaves for my school leaf books in elementary school, always due in the fall just so you could have a smattering of color in the pages. I remember my mother traveling to Biloxi, Mississippi one year just before the collection was due and bringing me a magnificent magnolia leaf to include, a tree not seen in Northwest Ohio, unless part of a wreath ordered from the local florist. I remember chilly Saturday mornings in October and November making the trek to Ann Arbor with my father to see the Wolverines (his alma matter) led by Bo Schembechler pacing the sidelines with inspiring intensity, chants of "Let's Go Blue" by 100,000 adoring fans. And 12 years ago, my wife and I were married at the Morton Arboretum on the first of November. I remember booking the date (the last fall date available), thinking we would miss the beauty of the fall color season as we were just a week or two late. Well, mother nature has a way of taking care of those who take care of her. It was a later than normal fall in 2008 and we were rewarded with amazing fall color for our event. And of course, just over a year later, my son was born on a Tuesday before Thanksgiving, allowing my little family so much to celebrate this time of year!!

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