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Summer Bounty
Summer Texture
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Graceful curves

With a sharp focus on overall vision and context, Jon, through a series of in-person visits and phone or video calls, will produce a design reflective of your tastes, style, desires, and budget.  Often  the best gardens are those that develop over time with an overarching concept coupled with regular revisions to best reflect the site and the owner's desires, interweaving simple and complex design solutions to create rhythm within the landscape.  Design services include loose concepts to further the discussion followed by design development through a series of reviews.  Final drawings are assembled and presented with the requisite information for bidding.  The preparation of permitting documents and drawings as well as constreuction oversight can be arranged as well.  Our fees are commensurate with the project .  Let's get together and see where the conversation takes us!

Residential Design

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Let Jon stop by for an in-depth walk through your garden and discover your space through his experienced eye.  Gardens should challenge and inspire all five senses.  Let Jon assist you in finding the next right step, or the best technique to bring your garden back to life or enhance the beauty within.  Jon is able to apply more than three decades of experience and a deep understanding of agronomic, botanic, architectural, and horticultural concepts and blend them all together in a way that makes sense and simplifies the overall approach.  He is happy to work with you elbow-to-elbow or assist you in the oversight and suggestion provided to your contractor.  Jon has a deep background in design, construction, and maintenance practices allowing his consultations to go wherever you choose.  Book now to block out the time for you and your garden!

Garden Consultation

Garden Consultation

Pink Cosmos

The first peak of springtime color begins with daffodils, tulips, crooks, and hyacinth bulbs and continues all the way through the season to the rich tones of holiday greens and reds.  Along the way, you can enjoy containers overflowing and seasonal bedding plants bursting with summer colors.  Jon can assist with selection and even utilize a garden coaching visit to show you the ins and outs of planting, color theory, and container design.  He loves all seasons for display plantings and will assist in taking advantage of your style, the context of your landscape, and proper plant and decor selection.  Jon can assist in tracking down the right containers or garden ornament.  He is happy  to provide a design and material list for you to purchase yourself, or have your contractor ready to plant and  meet Jon for a layout session with planting oversight.

Seasonal Display

Seasonal Display

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Over the last 3+ decades, Jon has had the good fortune of working with some of the finest men and women in the Green Industry.  When Jon made the difficult decision to close Rudey Landscape, he was faced with the difficult decision to whom he could refer his long-time and cherished clients.  As the saying goes, “Fortune favors the brave.”  His brave young foreman made the difficult decision to expand his leadership capabilities and start his own company assisted and supported by his family.  He will be continuing the work we undertook together years ago.  Ricardo will continue providing the day-to-day and weekly services while Jon will be handling client communications, design consultations, and all other service requests.  Click below to book an appointment for a free initial consultation or service call.

Maintenance Services


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